Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Plain Sight’s Characters are Deep

Thanks to Harper Abbott for sending this post in

Since I was finally able to get satellite TV thanks to the new directtv package prices, I’ve been watching In Plain Sight every chance I get. The show is on Wednesday nights at 10 o’clock pm on the USA network. Each episode is different yet adds to the depth of the characters.

This show takes place in Albuquerque - Santa Fe, New Mexico. "In Plain Sight" is a very different type of crime drama television. In this show, the crime has already happened. These characters have agreed to testify at trial about what they have seen or been a part of. In exchange for their testimony, they are given the opportunity to relocate and start their lives again with new identities in the Federal Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) . "In Plain Sight" episodes illustrate the difficulty that relocation has on these people.

Mary McCormack is wonderfully talented actress who plays US Marshal Mary Shannon. Mary is a no-frills type of girl. She is often a harsh realist who takes her job very seriously.

Fred Weller is witty and charming and plays US Marshal Marshall Mann. Once people get over the irony of Marshall’s name, they find a caring, intelligent man who just wants to make the transition easier for everyone.

Paul Ben-Victor’s character’s name is Stan McQueen. Stan is a Chief Inspector for the Witness Protection Service for the Southwest region. Stan is a great boss who believes in his team. He knows that Mary & Marshall are excellent partners who work great together, though he’s not sure how.

Mary Shannon’s family is yet another major challenge in her life. Her mother Jinx, played by Leslie Ann Warren, is an alcoholic who can’t hold a job and expects her daughter to save her, especially from herself. Mary has a sister named Brandi, played by Nichole Hiltz. Brandi has all the same self-destructive habits as her mother.



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