Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For My Mom

My Mom is on diet right now because of her health. She is diabetic and has high blood pressure. Aside from that she also has other illness that hard to understand as complications from her existing health problem. The high blood and diabetic I think are genetic because her Father had that kind of illness before he died. My late grandfather had a mild stroke before due to his high blood pressure. Getting sick is the least thing we don't want to happen to us or to our family and love ones. Anyhow, my parents are getting older now and I hate to say this but they are showing changes in their health. The last conversation I had with my parents over at yahoo messenger using headphone and webcam, she asked me to buy her something for her high blood pressure. I have to look also for cholesterol treatment for my Mom. That is why I am trying to save right now so I could also buy her medicine for her high blood pressure and the bracelet for high blood that she also requested. My sister will be going back to the Philippines next month so she will bring all of the things that my family demanded. It will save me money and trip to the post office to mail it. My Mom is a very strong person despite of her condition she still trying to be active in church and not to get affected with her health condition. I am also worried my father because he has his own share of health problem. I never stop praying for my parents to be always healthy, and that God will give them more years to live here on earth.


♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

I hope your mom will follow thru the doctor's advice, my mom is such a stubborn when it comes to taking her medicine, mas matalino pa sa doktor, ayan tuloy, nag abroad na ng walang balikan, :D

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