Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Itchy Eczema

I have written in my previous post that my older son Jake has an eczema which usually occurs on dry season as well as cold season. He was six months old then when the eczema started getting worst because of humidity. The doctor said that at his age the best cure for eczema is to apply moisturizing cream and keep his hands off from scratching the affected area. I felt bad for my baby because he was miserable and can't stop scratching the itchy eczema. Every night I gave him a bath and put moisturizing cream all over his body and I also apply little amount of cortisone to keep him from scratching because of the itchy feeling. I'm glad lately he is not scratching that much and the one that was in his neck is started to look fine. As of now, it's not bugging him but I know this summer when the weather start to get humid it might come back again. So, it's better to have some knowledge for any symptoms, treatment and remedies to cure the eczema.


Suzana said...

Eczema can be a real problem for adults and kids, especially the itching. I will tell you what did the trick for me, it is a product called Regen. It is an all-natural, cosmetic face cream that does not even sting if it gets into your eyes. (Great for babies, try it on diaper rash too) But the real magic for me was that it takes out itch (even poison ivy) and eczema! Look at these pics: Even better, it is all natural, allergy free, not steroids or drugs, and it is guaranteed! Best wishes, Suz.

P.S. Knocks out sunburn pain too!

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