Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Know the Side Effect

Have you heard about the latest news in one of the biggest loser trainer? I had my appointment yesterday at my OB-Gynecology and while waiting I read their latest issue of showbiz magazine. It was dated March 1, 2010 so I knew it was new. Anyhow, I read in the magazine about the law suit against that said trainer regarding her weight lose products. Then, last month I also heard on the news about this one weight lose commercial on TV got sued regarding the credibility of their products. I don't want to write the whole detailed of these issue or news but what I am saying is we have to be careful in endorsing products. I think it is also fair that if you are a buyer you have to research of the possible side effects of the product you are using. You can't also expect an over night result and progress when you use any diet pills and weight lose products. However, there is one site that is so honest for presenting the side effects in their products. If you visit you will read some information about diet supplements and know betastax side effects. Not all other company tells their buyer of the side effects in using their products. Be aware that all pills and any other products have its side effects. So, instead of making a trial and error in the kind of diet supplements you are using try make a research and read some reviews about it. Know its side effects first before hand for safety purposes. Good luck and be healthy.


Cecile said...

Tsang, napadaan lang ako dito, musta naman ka uy? Musta rin imong mga pispis diha? Hope you had a nice!

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