Monday, August 3, 2009

On Delivery

My Due date was supposed to be August 13th, but the night before August 3rd I already felt false contraction or braxton hicks. However, early on that morning at 4:00 AM the pain was getting intense. I didn't have watch to monitor the minutes apart so I counted instead. I woke Joe up but he was sleepy to get up on bed. I waited until I saw a little light on the window, coz I was thinking if we go to the hospital early that morning what if it was just some kind of false alarm and I needed to sleep and take a shower in the morning hehe what a thought. So, at 5:00 I couldn't hold on to the pain anymore had to wake up my husband. We started time in the minutes apart and the contractions was like getting closer to 5 minutes apart. He called his friend to watched Jake for that day. While waiting for his friend to arrived, I was suffering from pain, it was so intense. we left the house at 7:00 Am and got to the hospital quickly but we have to wait for few minutes at the waiting area to filled up forms and stuff. In the waiting area I was not the only expecting mom who were there. There were other preggers too waiting to be called. By 7:30 they got me a room already, and the pain was like 10 if I rate it from 1 to 10. Then came the doctor to checked me up how far am I dilated. I was already 5 to 6 cm dilated. They transferred me to other room and ordered for epidural. I felt calm when I got the epidural. At 10:00 something I started pushing, I only had 3 push and there the baby out so quickly. Welcome to the world Justine.



katherine said...

good for you Tsang dali ra diay ka manganak...mura sad ko diri nag bati pag basa nako ani nyahaha.. apil pod ko utong kay ingon man ka push..hay pastilan ang buhay ng isang ina...hahaha

imo na jud ni nga blog Tsang..wazz na labot imo sissy..hehe

inday_adin said...

Welcome to the world baby Justine. That was some experience you had mommy! Congratulations!

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