Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life and Check ups during Birth

When Jake was born he weights 6 Lbs and 11 oz, length was 20 1/2 inches. He was healthy and good. He latched right away the first time I nursed him. The time we were at the hospital, he was sleeping all the time even if I woke him up for feeding he won't open his eyes. He was quiet and I never had trouble sleeping after birth. He was pretty much a good baby for the most time. He passed all the test, such as hearing test, hepa and more.

Justine born 7 Lbs, lenght was 19 1/2 inches and head was 33 circumference, very healthy as well. Just like Jake she latched right away the first time I nurse her but she always woke me up every 2 hours for feeding. I stayed by myself at the hospital for 2 days while hubby had to stay with Jake at home. It was hard on me coz I had to do things on my own back at the hospital at the same time trying to recover my strength from birth and all my energy back. She was a little bit fussier than Jake.

I was glad that both my babies were healthy and my delivery was an easy one if I say so. We only stayed at the hospital 48 hours and got discharge the very next day with the baby.
during discharge day; ready to go home just waiting for the release paper.

Baby's very first checkup will be in the delivery or birthing room. Here or later on in the nursery, expect the doctor or nurse do the following:
* Clear baby's airways by suctioning his or her nose9which may be done as soon as the head appears or after the rest of the baby is delivered).
* Clamp and cut the umbilical cord.
* Assign baby an Apgar score(rating of baby's condition at one and five minutes after birth.)
* Administer eyedrops or ointment to prevent gonococcal or chlamydialinfection.
*. Count fingers and toes, and note if baby's observable body parts and features appear normal.
* Record passage or lack of passage of urine and/or stools.
* Administer vitamin K injection, to enhance the clotting ability of baby's blood.
* Weight baby (average weight is 7 1/2 lbs 95% of new babies weight in between 5 1?2 and 10 lbs)
* Measure baby's length
* Measure head circumference
* Obtain blood from infants heel to be screen for phenylketonuria (PKU) and hypothyroidism; from the umbilical cord for Coombs test
* Assess gestational age in babies before term
* Weight (it probably dropped since birth, often as much as 10% of body weight) head circumference. lenght.
* Heart sounds and respirations
* Internal organs, such as kidneys,liver,and spleen, by palpation(examining by touch,externally)
* Newborn reflexes
* Hips, for possible dislocation
* Hands, feet, arms, and legs
* Genitals
* The umbilical stump
Source; from What to expect book.


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