Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birthing; Jake

March 11th '08 when I gave birth to Jake. He came our 2 days before my due date. My husband was at work and I was by myself at home. 2:00 PM something on that day I didn't know I was having a contraction, I just didn't mind them coz I was pre-occupied talking to a friend over the phone. 30 mins. after that, the contraction was getting stronger and intense, so I started timing in the minutes apart. When my contraction was 5 minutes apart, I called hubby at work and he came pretty quick screwed up one of his class. He was in haste when he got home, didn't even let me to get dressed and forgot the other bag with camera in it. We got to the hospital around 3:00 ish in the afternoon. I was 5 cm dilated but i think for beginners or first pregnancy you don't feel pain that much. I think it was around 8:00 something when I started pushig, I mean a lot of push coz I was only 7 to 8 cm dilated at that time. The doctor thought of inducing me because it took a long while of pushing before the baby came out. At 9:09 Jake came out so healthy and crying of course.



Dhemz said...

agoy nganong karon pa man tawon nako ni na!

balik rako dire tsang magbasa....later alligator na ha....kay magtuon pa pod ko...kapuyan man ko tuon woi....hehehhehe!

chubskulit said...

oo nga dhemz, busing busy ang lola sa new creation nya hehehe.. i add ko to s listhan ng mga kaberks hehehe..

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