Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shoe Addict Strike Again

I wonder when this shoe addiction be over. She strike again putting different shoes and leaving them everywhere unattended. Just couple of hours ago she had my rubber shoes on and left it in the living room. I told her to put it back in the shoe rack and she just answered me with her favo word "NO". My order is my command.

We also went shopping yesterday and at the payless store, I was busy sizing up Jake foot with the shoes he liked. Before i get the chance to pick shoes for little Miss, she already found a pair and working on putting them in her feet. She knows what she wants when it comes with shoes.


Cecile said...

i say, she has a good taste :-); ganda ng napili niya na shoes :-)

Dhemz said...

hhahaa...mau kau pagka train sa imelda jud ni puhon ug shoes galore!

hhehehe...fave jud ni nga word ang "NO" bayot no?! hehhehe...kikay kau ni si justine da.

mau pamo kay naka laag sa mall..palayo mani si goryo sa mall woi kay gasto sa walmart ra jud me taman...nyahaha.

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