Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mommy!! Look what Justine did

Only Justine can do this.

Jake was hiding behind her as if he was the one getting in trouble. But the little Miss who definitely did this did not show any guilt at all. She even want to play with it more.

The moment this little Miss able to reach out bathroom door knob I knew that little life I have left will be totally gone. I have to watch her like a hawk because she is very sneaky. She can climbed on top of the vanity table and sit inside the laboratory with the water running. She was like a little mermaid in the bathroom sink. Since she knows how to open the bathroom door which she figured that out couple of weeks ago, she also knows how to open other doors even if it has tight door knobs. I'm doomed.


Dhemz said...

namuot ko kay si jake man ang nahadlok kau...ehhehe...nana jud ka katapat tsang....I remember those times when Akesha messed up our bathroom...sos, kusian lagi ug hagpak dayon...hay kids...hehhehe!

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