Sunday, October 23, 2011

Updates: J&J Milestones and Adventures

I haven't done much updates with my dragons blog and their milestones, activity, adventures and more after I change their domain name. I even considering changing the domain again when it expires. Waaa i dunno, something wrong my fickleminded head. Any suggestion?

Anyway, what are they up to?....

Jake still in potty training and so far he is doing really great. Every time he felt like pooping he just run quickly to the bathroom and put his potty ring on his own. He can potty without my help though except cleaning his bottom. He knew how to spell three letter words using the toy lappy. His attitude and behavior is sometimes on and off. He still not done with tantrums and terrible 3 mania. But all these are manageable and he is also scared at us. The 123 magic still works with him so far which is opposite with the little Miss.
123 magic doesn't work that much with this girl. Vocabulary wise, she is better at her age. She knows many funny words to say and easily imitate what she sees on TV. She thinks that if mommy and daddy can do this and that or anything, Justine too. She's been our co sleeper this past weeks. She decides which room she is going to sleep. That's how powerful she think this girl is. It's cute though but have to cut that attitude because sometimes she really cross the lines. She is easy to handle too but once she is having her moment, you cannot expect her to be quite right away. If she's mad then she's mad, very transparent. One energetic, happy, witty and talented girl.

Jake and Justine are team, friends and enemy too. They play along together but sometimes Jake bossing around this little girl and this girl will follow all Jake's order. If she stops playing with him that's when Jake gets mad and gives her a noggy. Then after that they become friend again. Jake is protective with Justine but he pushes her lots of time. What a fun world of toddlers.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Jake and Justine are just ordinary kids undergoing the usual things that kids their age undergo. Jake may be bossy to Justine but they go along just fine. When they grow up, they will surely be closer to each other. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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