Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving and Expenses

Moving I think is the new synonyms with the word hassle, stress, and back pain. It is a hassle of course packing and unpacking those stuff and personal belongings, doing some paper works, and calling some people for the change of address. Packing alone already not a pleasant job and sure a pain in the back. Let us not forget the stress we will be getting in moving. My husband right now is experiencing double stress as he was also making a list and budgeting regading the furniture that we will planning to buy after we move and that includes Mirror, vanity, drawers and of course bed for the little princess. We also need a new dining table, couch and more which I think we can easily find it online like craiglist perhaps.

Meanwhile, the great thing with this new house that we will be moving in this summer is the convenience stores nearby. It is also accessible to subway, pizza hut and other restaurant. Our soon to be house and home is also a few walks away to the park. How cool is that? So even if we don't like the packing and stress part in moving especially the expenses, we are pretty excited about it though as we finally live in our home not just a rental. Having your own home is like American dream, doesn't it?


Joy said...

when moving from a house to another kakambal e expenses hihi. in my case i find it easy to pack things then label the boxes, what i hate is when it is time to unpack

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