Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids In Doodles#2: Talent and Antics

It's KID time. Thanks to the host Smart Boys for creating this baby/kids oriented meme.

Obviously, my Lil Miss Spider here have more talent and antics than Mr.Michelangelo wannabe hehe. She has big brother to look up to and copy all his talent and antics. Miss spider is not scared to climb on anything. She is dangerous LOL, where as the buckaroo was more careful when it comes to climbing. He is not scared of heights but he just doesn't want to try on things that he thinks he can't do it.

However, Jake likes to draw. He was the one who draw some of the faces in this white board. I draw the big one and he thought Thomas would be a good looking little tank engine if it has a beard ha ha. I took a bunch of his drawing in the camera that I accidentally deleted.

My doodle entry of my Kiddos. Join us!



tejan said...

kapila nana nahulog shang..hahha, ka cute sa nikatkat. cute sad ang drawing..kinsa na iya gi drawing..nyahahhah!

visiting from KID shang!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Siguro mars,may lahi kayong maging membe rng Akyat-Bahay Gang, kasi si Kikay bata pa lang,sanay na umakyat eh, lol!
So Kuya Jake naman,nakakatuwa ang drawing, kahit medyo nakakatakot ang mukha, at least it looks happy naman, ibig sabihin,he's a happy boy too,walang problema sa buhay,siguro kung paano lang makakalusot kay mommy kung minsan,lol!

Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles#2

MaiThreeBoyz said...

Hala! Fearless litte girl just like my little Simon. Ang maganda dyan, at least we know she's not afraid of heights, haha. You have a handful there, Shy.

Galing ni Jake magdrawing! me concept na sya ng eyes, ears, nose and beard.Tama si Willa, smiling ang mga face, means happy kid.

Have a great week ahead!

Dhemz said...

my gosh! kuyaw kau si lil spidy blonde...ehehehe...mau kau mokatkat woi....:)

mau naman diay ni si jake mo draw tsang...maypa sya mo draw ni akesh...hehehhe!

raya said...

i am so impressed at your kid's drawing sis! he will make a good artist someday! well done, little boy... here is mine

Pinx said...

hahaha! the little one is like spiderman! so cute! maayo kaayo mokatkat! hehehe... good for your big boy, he knows how to draw. my son is into... watching tv and reading... hehehe... late visit here for KID!

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