Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adorn our house with quality furniture and home decor

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Do you think this Corner Bathroom etagere would be a perfect piece to our house? I think so. This house have two bathroom, one in the first floor and one in the second floor. Both bathroom have nice vanity table but adding another piece of etagere would be a good idea. More place to put your things on. I definitely need a corner piece that adds accent to the house. This may not be a priority for now but it was already in the list together with the China cabinet that I saw online. We have so many things we need for the house and yet not enough resource to buy this important pieces.

As much as we want to adorn our new house with the quality furniture that we need, we still have to consider our priorities otherwise we will end up with nothing. I also need to look online for home decor to beautify the house. Last night my husband and I was surfing online for bedroom furniture, end table, and toddler's bed when we came across a set of buffet table, china cabinet, and dining table with four dining chair for only $600. It's not new though, it's a used furniture. It really look like a very good deal if I get the whole set. I don't mind a second hand as long as it is made with quality wood. But my husband wants to buy first a bed for Justine and some stuff for our bedroom. Money is always the issue when it comes to buying a house and even shopping.

The pictures below are the look of our soon to be house. I think I already shared this before and I am sharing it again. What can I do, I'm excited. This are the living room and the dining area. It's gonna be look empty and naked when we move in because we don't have much furniture and appliances to put it.



Joy said...

imho, it is beautiful

Adin B said...

that is exciting! you guys are moving in the a new house? well, good luck on decorating mommy. Agoy lisod ning naa mga nindot and mahalon na furniture ug naa duha ka chikiting kay maguba or ma damage kay sulat-sulatan sa mga bata ug pukpokon.. mao ako wala jud ko namalit usa ug mga nindot nga decorations or any breakable things in the house kay ug ma damage aw dili sakit sa dughan. hehehehe.. :)

Dhemz said...

bagay jud ni sya sa inyong house tsang.

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