Monday, May 9, 2011

How Thomas & Friends Influence Toddlers

Are your kids a fan of Thomas and Friends? Well, my three year old toddler is a huge fan of Thomas & Friends and since he watches this show everyday, he sort of memorize all these little engines names and dialog. Including my lil girl also like Thomas & Friends because she is following what her big brother does.

We bought him this Adventure pack DVD that has 4 DVD set inside of complete season and each DVD has different bonus features which includes a Spanish and French version of Thomas & Friends them song. He likes singing the Spanish language of the song. It sounded like gibberish though but there are a few he correctly said like the beginning sentence "Hay dos, cuatro" and other random words in the song. Maybe we can get him a spanish tutor when he is old enough to pronounce the words and sentences correctly. At least he learned some Spanish words through watching Thomas & Friends. Other thing he learned from Thomas is the values they taught and friendship. Although I don't like the part that this little tank engine does bad things first like accident and always into trouble before they will learn their mistake. Jake caught the idea of getting into trouble first and say sorry afterward. Thomas & Friends had influence lots of kids behavior, attitude and even laguages.

Meanwhile, last week we went to Wal-mart and Jake spotted these sets of Thomas & Friends DVDs. He grabbed them right away and about to throw a fit when we put these DVDs back in the shelves.


Shahz said...

May nalang nang Thomas and Friends oi, kysa Dora na tagalog.. hehehhe

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