Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas gingersnaps for the kids

Guest post written by Erica Rice

I love this time of the year despite all the extra stress that I'm under around the time. Both of my kids are away at college so I get kind of a break when they're away from laundry and as much cooking and stuff like that. Even though I would love for them to be around year-round at home. So before my kids came home for the holidays, I tried to plan out as much stuff as I could.

I was online trying to figure out what kind of Christmas cookies I was going to cook for our upcoming annual Christmas party, when I came across some information about some wireless internet packages. I read it and after I went over it some more, clicked HERE to sign up for one of the packages.

I found a really great recipe for gingersnap cookies that I made to greet my kids when they got home from their college exams for the holidays. They really loved them and I think I might start making them every Christmastime from now on.



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