Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taking a Nap with Dada

This little lamb chop doesn't like taking a nap. There are random days that she takes a nap if she is super tired. That one afternoon when Joe took my jijie, my sister to the airport, I also let these two bored dragons to play outside with snow. They had wonderful time. Joe came home from the airport and took a nap then this little lamb chop just crawled up and took a nap with him. I think that was really sweet and can't help it to take a quick snap.


chubskulit said...

Buti pa mga anak natin di takot sa lamig lol.. That is really sweet, pag malaki na sila ipakita mo tong pic and they would love it.

Cacai M. said...

ay kalami ba sa lubot ni Tin2x Tsang oi.. nindot ang position.. heheh! Indeed, she will love to see this in the future! Merry X'mas Tsang! Hagoy diay mag-greet nlng ko nmo og Merry X'mas dre ha, saonz ang tradition nko nga mag-send og X'mas cards wla jud nko nahimo Tsang, sowe about it. As in wla isa ako napadad-an.. huhu.. Nag-ulana bya dre oi, nag-storm og 6 consecutive days as in ulan. Karon lang naghunong. :(

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