Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sid the Science Kid

This guest blog is from Raina Martinez
Sid the Science Kid is one of my favorite kids' shows. I record the episodes on my DVR we got with directv deals so that my son can re-watch them whenever he wants. I love the theme music and pretty much all of the songs on the show. The song "Rug Time" is cute. I also love the song Sid sings while he's gettting ready for school. My favorite part of every episode is when he arrives at school and sings and dances with his friends on the playground. It's funny and cute. My son even tries some of the dance moves. I hear his little feet sliding around on the bedroom floor whenever he watches the show.
Sid and the other characters don't look like real people. They're unique-looking. They have mop heads and short, thick bodies. I think they're adorable. I like that Sid thinks of himself as a scientist. He's curious and funny, just like my little boy. He teaches scientific terms like "hypothesis" and "theory". Sid asks simple, child-like questions. He makes learning fun.


Dhemz said...

ka bibo sa GP dire...ehehhee!

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