Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

I have taken the best prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant with Jake and Justine. We all know that prenatal vitamins would help the baby's development inside the mother’s womb. It is common feeling to have nausea and morning sickness when you are pregnant but taking your prenatal pills would help ease up the unpleasant feeling. You only feel that morning sickness in the first trimester of the pregnancy. There are lots of ups and downs in pregnancy. You also feel anxious about your baby inside you if he is alright but once you feel his heart beat that feeling is heaven. I like watching pregnant woman because i can also feel their happiness in carrying a human life inside their womb. Then, giving birth is the treasured moments that you'd always want to replay inside your mind. You forget all the pain in labor and delivery once you see your baby's head coming out from you. It’s magical. So, to all mommy or mommy to be who are expecting baby congratulations!


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