Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ready to Burn the Extra

Now that I'm totally done with breast feeding, I am so ready to burn these extra pounds. The last time I had my appointment with my doctor I was surprise that gain 16lbs. I thought I lose weight because I was breastfeeding and I am always busy with my two handful kids everyday. I guess it's hard to go back with our pre-pregnancy body after you get pregnant twice. Anyway, I was searching online for a Wii fit because I was planning to do some exercise and diet pills to lose weight quickly. I found a slimquick review as America’s most popular diet pill designed specifically for a woman’s body. This pill must really be effective if it is America’s #1 Fat Burner. If you watch the biggest loser show on TV you will get what I mean. America has large number of overweight people who are striving to lose weight. We can't blame them to gain weight that much because America has lots of delicious food ready for a grab. So, if you also would like to burn that extra pound you might want to check out their website, just click on the link provided. Remember, spring is almost here it means summer is approaching. We have to work so hard to lose our extra fats so we could show off some skin on summer.


Dhemz said...

agoy pagka busy sa life dire...banat jud tsang...murag super woman naman ka ani woi....saludo jud ko sa imo bayot...I can't imagine you are able to manage taking care of 2 kids, maintaining 5+1 blogs, and bloghopping...plus facebook pa...waaaaaaaa....gamhanan ka kau bayot...ahhahaha!

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