Friday, October 2, 2009

Bathing Your Little Angel

Having a baby is an everyday challenge. Raising them and taking care of their need in a daily basis is tiring sometimes but it’s rewarding. We want our little ones to stay healthy and clean everyday so we gave them bath and all that. Keeping the little ones clean can also be challenging. here are safety tips in cleaning your baby.

* Gather all supplies first; swirl the water with your hand to check temperature. Before undressing the baby be sure to have it ready all the things you need like the soap,sponge bath, towel, or even clean water to wash him before wrapping him with the towel.

* Never leave babies or children unsupervised in or near water for even a nanosecond. Let telephone call go into voicemail. For their safety, your children need absolute attention. Even if your child can sit up alone, always stay within arm’s reach. I heard or read news or cases like that, leaving thier baby in the bath tub to get out an answer the phone. It’s not safe leaving baby in the water he/she might drown.

* No bath seat allowed. It tips over easily unless theres a safety belt or handle with it.

* Face your toddler away from the faucet so he can’t turn on the hot water. Kids sometimes can be tricky they wanna play everything especially when the water running.

Give sponge baths to babies up to 4 weeks old. This is enough time to allow the umbilical cord to fall off and the navel to heal.

Brightly colored sponges and soaps help make bathing a fun experience


Dhemz said...

this is a great info tsang....:)

waaaaaaaaa...nice man kaau ang bath ni jake woi....ehhehe..daghan man kaau Akesha...daghan pod iya mga duckies ug uban pa nga mga mag wrinkly nalang tawon nang iyang mga kamot ug tiil sa!

laikka said...

preha jud inyo thub sa amo thub puno sad sa dula-an ni laikka ang amoa! shy kadaghn ba nimo knowledge ana about babies oi! perti kana jud ka inahan! heheeh..amping shang!

Lulu said...

agoy andrea loves bathing too... ang akong anak gusto man intawon musawom sa bathtub para makainom sa tubig... kon akong paundangon ingnon man dayon ko noooo... ug akong i drain ang tubig kabalo man mutakob intawon waaaaaaaa naay talent ni ahong anak

Clarissa said...

Naalala ko si hubby when he first gave Wakaba a baby bath in a tub,nag-slip yung hands nya tapos nabitawan nya si Wakaba!!And before my husband,naihulog na rin ni FIL ko si Wakaba sa tub lol!!

rjs mama said...

this is a good tip for new mommies sis. first week baby ko, puro punas lang haha. natakot ako malublob sa baby tub nya :D

chubskulit said...

hahaha naked ang machete natin dyan ah lol.. Mas easier ang babae paliguan diba bakla, nung pinanganak ko si EJ takot na takot during his first bath dahil dun sa circumcision nya..

Thanks for your prayer bakla, okay na si mama, she got out from the hospital but got stranded due to typhoon Pepeng. We're praying for your Mom's recovery too. Parehas tayo ng kapalaran bakla..

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Anonymous said...

Nice sharing!

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momgen said...

hehhe kacute ba ni jakoy hahahha

Cecile said...

he is very cute! ako first bath ni Jake akong bana nagpaligo sa iya kay hadlok man ko basi mahagbong siya :-)

Seiko said...

Ako naman walang experience sa baby boy siguro babawi na lang ako sa apo hehe.

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