Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playing Time

Newborn can hear, smell, taste, feel and see and everyday for them is a milestone. Justine just turn 8 week old last monday. Time flies by so quick. Soon she will be two months old and become more aware of her surroundings and people around her. I felt bad sometimes coz I can't take them outside everyday. There's no playground close to our house that we could walk, we have to ask hubby to drive us to any nearest playground or park. And since he always busy at work he complains a lot that he is tired and refuse to drive us off to the playground. Lately its been raining here and this week its cold. I hope you guys wiil enjoy your weel.


kat said...

ay silingan ra man diay ng "k" or "L" no..hehe kay ang "week" nahimong "weel" ug ang "will" nahimong "wiil"...hehe mura man sad ka ug ako koreksyonan ko sa akong anak kay ang akong "looking" nahimong "lokking" nyahaha kay kani laging mga fingers nga mag una una ug type nya usahay pod mag una una ang mind nya wa pa diay to na type and imong gihuna huna...hahaha

BTW bitaw oi, kadali ba sa panahon, dako dayon si Justine..but-an man dayon tan-awon sa mga pictures. sunod ana mo type na pod na sya sa keyboard nyahaha

momgen said...

aguy pakusia ko bi hhhehehehe

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