Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby @ 2 Months Old

By the time baby is 2 months old, she is becoming more aware of the world around her. She loves the sound of your voice and may follow it around the room. Baby may even respond with sweetly-pitched coos.
Baby can follow an objects moving in arc about 6 inches from her face. She responds to loud sounds by becoming completely silent, crying, or acting startled.
Enjoy your cuddle time together. Interact with your baby, noting what attracts her and frightens her. Try different tones of voice and songs. Don't worry about "teaching" baby or measuring growth. All baby really needs right now is lots of loving attention.

Justine just turn two months old yesterday, October 2rd. As you can see she is growing like weeds and becoming so much aware of her surroundings. She can recognised Jake, Joe and I. She always flash her sweet smile in the morning and if she sees us coming to pick her up of course if her mood is great. If she wanted to be held she never stop whinning and fussing until you picked her up. I started putting her in her tummy since she was still 4 to 6 weeks. And every now and then that we have tummy time she started scooting, although she can't move her hand nor body forward yet, atleast you can see her scooting. Looking forward to see of her milestones. Hope you all had a nice weekend!


chubskulit said...

naku malaking malaki na si tintin bakla, siguro mas malki yan kesa kay jake hehehe... Kumusta ka na bakla, I know that day off mo sa blogging ang sunday hehehe.. Miss lang kita..

Mwah to the J&J and you..

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kat said...

hala...dapa na diay si pinoy pa, pag dumapa na si baby, dumadapa na din si daddy nyahahaha.

oi kay nag war man kaha mo gamay, ayaw padapa-a, patinDOGa lang nyahahaha.

Clarissa said...

Oh my!!Parang gusto ko na rin ma feel uli ang pagka delicate ng pag karga ng baby.Yung mga alaga ko dito eh puro damulag na lol!!

Seiko said...

Ahaha!!Ngayon ko lang nalaman may day off ka pala sa blogging tatandaan ko yan.Ang laki na ni Justine ano parang kelan lang.I love the photos of Jake & Justine w/ their dad sitting on that chair.

Dhemz said...

hello tsang, agi pod kod deri...agoy, murag taas galing ni si baby justine kay jake....hehehhehe.....

dalia ra nya nag dako woi.....2 months naman sya....nya maka hold na pa jud sa ulo...

agoy, ready na jud dayon ni mag modeling puhon tsang....hehehhe

amigo namo ni jose diha? wala nay gubat diha? hope all is well.....pabugnaw sa diha tsang...inom ug lang...hehehe!

bitaw, agi ko dre kadali kay have some reading to do....babosh!

Dhemz said...

wara wara sis bomba pod ko dre tsang...:)

Cecile said...

Justine is such a cutie :-); kakatuwa at kakagigil :-)

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