Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She Did It In the Potty

I said to myself before that as soon as we move in to our new house, i'm gonna start potty train these two monkeys. So, last week, i asked Justine if she wants to sit on the potty and she said yes so I let her sat on the potty.
After few minutes she said she pooped. I was deligheted that she did it with out forcing her. She just spent 15 minutes sitting on top of the toilet bowl and poof!!! There's the poop. The next day I let both of them sit on the top of the potty whether they want to poop or not. Jake sat for a while and got off the potty, while upstairs was the little girl sitting on top of the toilet bowl and she did it again. I was pleased with what she did, it's amazing.

I did it again the next day but to my dismay they both did not go. As soon as I put the pull ups in they went Doo-doo. I was disappointed. Now I'm still working on it and it's very tiring. Jake doesn't want to go in the potty, he pretends to sit for a few minutes and get off as soon as I turn my back. Justine also have been doing the same, getting off the potty as soon as i turn my back away from the bathroom. I have to watch them, and the problem is if I'm around they never do it. The buckaroo haven't done it yet to this toilet and I don't know when he is going to be ready.

I wonder when this potty train will leave the station! choo choo chugga chugga


Janel said...

Oh the challenge of potty training. I started potty training my daughter when she was 2 1/2. It took her a couple weeks to get used to pooping in the toilet. Oh and my daughter has the same toilet seat ^_^ tinker bell!


Mel Alarilla said...

Ganun talaga kaibigan. Konting tiyaga pa. Naaawa ako sa iyo kapag naiimagine ko ang hirap nang pagaalaga sa dalawang makukulit na kuting tapos ikaw pa ang gagawa nang lahat nang house chores. Kapag lumaki laki na yang mga yan ay makakatulong mo na rin sila sa gawaing bahay. Yan lang ang draw back nang buhay sa tate dahil walang katulong diyan kaya kayod marino talaga. Pero marami namang mga advantages na wala sa pagtira sa Pinas. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Dhemz said...

just keep trying tsang...pretty soon makabalo nana sila duha....ka sexy sa inahan da...ehehehe!

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