Friday, April 15, 2011

Where's the cable guy?

I need an appointment with our cable guy. Ok, it's not because our cable is not working, it's just because I thinking of switching to Satellite TV. I haven't called for an appointment yet. I still have to get my husband on board with this. I know it may be a bit expensive but I'm hoping he finds it convenient that this way he too can record his shows if he doesn't make it on time.

It happened many time that my husband and kids have little arguments with TV channels. My kids love to watch the cartoons but my husband game is on. Well, luck is not always on my husband's side because the channel where the game was on was having technical problems. The husband ended up watching the score in his computer. There are few shows on TV that my husband love to watch such first 48 and other sports on the weekend. He gets frustrated if he miss any of those games though. By having Direct TV at home, I'm sure he'll get his recreation at his own time. So, Satellite TV it is and watch all the shows we want.


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