Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax Extension

Have you done filing your taxes yet? If not well you better take care of it because you only have until Monday, April 18th to file your income tax. April is tax season and for sure not all of us are happy about it except those who get a big refund maybe. When I checked my Facebook account yesterday, someone from the Philippines posted in her wall that says, she is glad she is not from USA because April 15 is going to be a painful day for US bloggers, but on the brighter side US bloggers gets more blogging income opportunities. I keep thinking, what is on April 15, why it's going to be painful? I had no idea that april 15th is the deadline in filing income tax.

Meanwhile, I just read in the news about taxes and deadlines. The deadline of filing income tax is going to be on April 18th instead of April 15th due to holiday called emancipation and it also fall on the weekend which gives tax payers three days extension. However, find some information about irs extension if any circumstances you failed to file you taxes on the given time. You can visit or click on the link provided to get tax forms and information on how to apply for an extension of time to file. I know some of you are done with your taxes and perhaps have received refunds already. But those who have not filed their federal income tax yet, well then do it now. Check out online for any tax preparation software so you know what to do. There are many online tax filing website you can use these days to file your taxes and finish it quickly.


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