Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is Up with Ms. Lamb Chop

She still one busy kikay never run out of things to do. Lately, she has this yucky exploration with the water in the toilet bowl. She loves water and if she hears the word bath she come running towards the bathroom. So, about the toilet one time she sneaked out and went upstairs. When I look around and she was out of sight I quickly run upstairs and there she was washing her hand in the toilet bowl. That incident happened again when I was busy brushing Jake's teeth as we were getting ready to go to SR. Little Ms. Lamb chop was at the toilet bowl dipping her hand in the water. I ended giving them both a quick bath.

The story did not stop there because when we were in their Grandma's house she went to the bathroom and dipped her hand again. Grandma had three bathrooms so even if it's yikes, i know her bathroom is not that dirty because no one using it most of the time. Since I forgot to bring extra clothes for Ms. Lamb chop I checked the Dollar General and luckily they have 50% sale on kids clothes. So, I bought a pair of clothes for Ms. Lamb chop. Mind you, we've been following her around and yet she still able to snack out and went to the bathroom upstairs the one in MIL room. The next we heard was bang from upstairs. I hurriedly went upstairs and saw her in grandmas bathroom closing the toilet bowl cover. I notice that her hand was wet again. She was extremely naughty last Sunday. I keep telling her yesterday that don't touch the water in the bowl because it's yucky, it a big no no. Well, maybe she understood it because she doesn't sneak out too much since yesterday.


lerra said...

hehheh..its a good sign..that she's smart and adventurous:) liwat guro na sa nanay:)

good day shang musta na!

LODS said...

BWAHAHAHAHA... The water looks so clean man gud inday sa? At least she knows how to wash her hands,hahahha...keep your bathroom door closed shy kay basin ug simbako ma tuwad siya sa aniduro dli na maka barog.

Dhemz said...

hahaha..agree ko ni Melody...lol, at least kabalo sya manghugas bayot...lol! ka cute ba jud kau ni si justine tawon...igo man kau sa box...ehehehe!

naa bya pod dollar general dire tsang...barato ba ila baligya? wala pako ka try ana dire...wala man jud na sa cali.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Buti pa si kiay hindi takot sa tubig, unlike Kendrick,allergic yata, lol!

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Mel Alarilla said...

Ngiiiiiih, kadiri to death, hehehe. Ano ba naman yang si Kikay mo at ibang klase ang kustombre, hehehe. Ngayon lang ako nakarinig nang batang naghuhugas nang kamay sa toilet bowl, yucks, hehehe. Pagka cute cute pa naman at hindi ko mapigilan ang mapangiti kapag nakikita ko ang mga kalikutan at kakulitan niya, hehehe. I just hope she will get over soon sa kadiri to death niyang antics, hehehe. Kailangan pala nang private security ni Tisay para mabantayan palagi, hehehe. Sige alis muna ako. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Vernz said...

Nyahahaha.... ana na nga stage Shy.. karaw-karaw..hehehe.. ipapackage nalang na diri bi... kacute ni Justine.. hehehe agi ko..

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