Thursday, February 3, 2011

School Shoes

Don’t you think it’s just adorable when your little toddler just tells you he or she wants to go to big school? My son probably saw something on TV and now wants to go to big school. I think it is just simply cute. Since my youngest, who is just 2, looks up to her older brother, I’m pretty sure she’ll say the same thing soon, that she would like to go to school with her brother.

Personally, it’s great that my son is already showing signs that he’s ready for school. We’re actually considering enrolling him in nursery in the next school year. For now we’re simply doing a bit of homeschooling to prepare him but maybe I will buy him a pair of school shoes so he gets the hang of it. Maybe it will help him anticipate going to school even more. The only problem is, when we buy him shoes, guess who will want a pair too? You guessed it, my baby girl. Oh well, I’m pretty sure my 2-year old girl won’t know the difference yet between a pair of school shoes and a pair of casual shoes, unless she’d want exactly the same pair as her brother’s.


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