Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Toddlers This Week

My lamb chop is officially 18 months old today, February 3rd. Her favorite word is NO. She will even answers No even if we are talking to Jake. She just love the word NO, No, No, No, even if it means Yes to her. Occasionally, she throws tantrums but she is so cute when she does it. She likes the number 2, 8, 9, 10. If you ask her how old she is, she will answer 8. Maybe she is 8 years old ha ha ha. She likes singing the alphabet tune using her gibberish version of alphabet but sometimes she gets lucky saying the word A, B and random letters. She calls Jake---JEK instead of Kuya Jake. Well, she only capable of saying few words. She likes sitting in a potty but you have to give her the candy first. Justine's version of candy is Didady hehehe. She doesn't like to take a nap which is extremely opposite when she was a baby. And right now, she keeps me busy chasing her around as she likes going upstairs which is very dangerous, plus she is expert in climbing upstairs but not so much going down stairs. If you have 17 months and 4 weeks toddler here is some milestones information from Baby

Your 17-month-old: Week 4
It will be a year or two before your toddler leaves most of his tantrums behind. Until then, expect to deal with outbursts of anger and frustration on a regular basis. You can cut down on the frequency of tantrums by making sure your child gets enough sleep and eats well during the day. It's probably unrealistic to expect your energetic toddler to sit still for three square meals a day, so try giving your child a variety of foods throughout the day. Remember, a hungry, sleep-deprived toddler is a meltdown waiting to

My Buckaroo will be 35 month next week. He is been doing great so far aside from his melt down moment. He has been going to school with his Dada every Thursday and today was his first time to be in the good mood to got up early (7:00 AM). We paid a student to watch him for an hour when Joe is teaching. Do you know that Jake pooped in the potty for 2 consecutive days now? Yup! You read it right. He is not fully potty train yet but I am hoping this would be a good start. Way to go buckaroo! I was so quick to carry him to the bathroom every time i sense that he is about to go...:) I'll share the picture this weekend if i get a time to upload it. If terrible 2 is bad, terrible3 could be worst that's what i read. He is now in his terrible3, and the bad part is the little lamb chop is looking up on him and been following him. I have been trying to teach him but it only take less than a minute i think and he is done. He is also very clingy lately and wakes up at the middle of the night calling our names. What I really want for my buckaroo is to be over with the spirit of terrible 3. I hate it when he throws major major tantrum fit.


teJan said... ka cute jud sa imong mga musi syang..dagko na jud sila no? perti jud imo mga gidagnay oi...hehheh!


Mel Alarilla said...

Although me konting problema ka kay Jake sa kanyang pagta tantrums, yet you are so blessed by the Lord to have two charming and energetic kids. Wala silang sakit, pareho silang normal and you can support their basic necessities. I would have given a million dollars just to have somebody like Justine who is like an angel. I like her rosy and pinkish cheeks, ang sarap kurutin, joke lang. So in a way, your life is complete now because of your two darling kids. Everything will work out for the better my friend. Just keep on praying and trusting God for all your needs. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

Anonymous said...

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Seiko said...

Ahaha!!Ang cute cute naman po talaga ni Justine.Tawa ako dito whiloe reading this iniimagine ko kasi mga gestures nya.And Jake,ang laki na nya ang bils talaga ng panahon.I just love your kids kahit 'di ko pa sila na meet in person ewan ko ba.
Hugs & kisses to pretty Justine & cute ever Jake :)

jijie said...

Nice imong new nga layout ting, simple ra kau pero and classy....

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