Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend break

The weekend is over therefore my weekend break is done. I don't feel like doing online task and stay in front of the computer talking about industrial computer. My brain is not cooperating and so is my body. I'm sleepy and feeling lazy. I got up early today so we could be in the mall before it opens by 11:00 o clock for picture taking with Santa. I asked the husband about the difference between home computers and industrial computers, and also if they use industrial computing at work. I did not get any response as his eyes and full concentrations are hooked into the Football game of Steelers vs Ravens which by the way so intense right now. I'll finish the rest of the task later after the game. Hope everyone had wonderful weekend.


Dhemz said...

ayay! mau pamo bayot kay laag pamo sa mall...kami tawon hastang busyha sa life...naka papicture na diay ang mga dragons? ambot kaha if we can do that this year...mahal raba ni si santa...ehehehe!

musta na tsang...miss to be around in blog land...saon taman ning real life...busy hop ko dire kadali kay ma busy nasad ko ug unpack ugma....:)

salamat sa dalaw...mwah!

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