Friday, November 12, 2010

Holidays in the Big Apple

Guest post written by Dana Englewood

New York can be a harsh place to live sometimes, from the cold weather to the rough city terrainÉbut things have been really nice here lately. The other week we had Halloween, and it was great to see people dressed up in their creative costumes and I actually got to get to know my neighbors a little, which is nearly unheard of here! The little ones were so cute, and it was really nice to see the parents escorting them down the streets of Manhattan. It gave the area a real familial feel, and I very much appreciated that.

Back at the house, we had a bunch of visits from neighbors as they brought their kids to see my husband and me. We met a lot of nice people in our building for the first time and gave out plenty of candy. I was glad I had my new MiracleEar hearing aids in. I really enjoyed my conversations with everyone. It was nice that Halloween brought that familiar feeling into my part of the neighborhood. It really does my heart some good.



Dhemz said...

hay si GP..wala na jud ko apila...nyahahaha!

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