Friday, October 15, 2010

Look Good with Cashmere

This past few days the weather has been good to us. It's not too cold and not warm either. The leaves on the trees have started change colors and some had falling down the ground. Actually, the cool weather during fall season is the perfect time where you can mix and match whatever clothes and accessories you have to make it look fashionable. You can wear boots and match it with cashmere top. You would absolutely looks good with cashmere. If you love cashmere like I do then, check out these amazing selection of cashmere sweaters that you can include to your collection.


Clarissa said...

Ang mamahal naman kasi ng cashmere sweaters eh!!Di ko afford(T_T)

Dhemz said...

ayay! mau man kau pagkagama...ehehehe! love the pic tsang....very clear sky....:)

sos dire tawon nga wala pama jud nag change ang color sa leaves.

Eden said...

Great shot.Love the blue sky

Kami diri kay Spring na sad.

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