Friday, October 15, 2010

Park Fun Time

Last Wednesday, babger came from work early and since the weather was really nice I asked him to drove us to schenley park. As soon as we got there my dragons just took off on their own. The lambchop went to the north while the buckaroo headed sounth. I cornered them so they would stay in one place where I can see them both.

But baby toddlers will always toddler don't want to stay in one place. They both want to explore so Jake was inviting me to chase him by saying roar but I know where he'd go if I roar back. And then the lamb chop took of on her own with chocolate in her hand. I asked Jake to get her but when she heared Jake's voice saying "Sissy om back..." which means sissy come back but the little lambchop didn't listen and keep running otherwise.

They both run in different direction away from me and each other. I asked Justine to follow Kuya jake but instead she went to this group of kids practicing some run. And I panicked when I glance at Jake running so fast going to the edge of the oval which is a clift. I grabbed Justine and chased him but when he saw me running after him he giggled and run as fast as he could. I dropped Justine at the middle of the oval and run as fast as I could before this naughty buckaroo would go to the bushes.

They always have fun every time they're in the park. I called Joe after an hour because I can't handle another 30 minutes with both of them running around like some kind of stray dragons hehehe. Now, that I have been taking them out to the park often, Jake doesn't want to just play in the back yard. He wants out as in out to the park.


w0rkingAth0mE said...

nice place, i love the park so clean and really big one.

Mel Alarilla said...

Nakakatakot nga at nakakanerbiyos yung situasyon mo Shy. Imagine tumakbo yung dalawang anak mo in opposite directions kaya hindi mo alam kung sino ang hahabulin mo. Kapag ganyang nasa park na kayo ay huwag mo munang bibitawan si Justine habang naglalaro si Jake at siguraduhin mo munang safe si Jake bago bitawan si Justine. Naku madali kang tatanda sa niyerbiyos na nakukuha mo kapag ginawa na naman iyan nang dalawang anak mo. Mas mainam sana kung kasama ninyo palagi ang mister mo para siya ang magbabantay kay Jake habang inaasikaso mo naman si Justine. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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