Thursday, October 21, 2010


How come a tiny thing like ipod would cost a fortune? It's so cute and tiny yet lots of people would do anything just to buy an ipod. I love to listen different types of music and watch video but I can't afford to buy ipod. One time, I went to this auction site and bid on ipods that had cheaper price but unfortunately, someone out bid me. There is also one free auction site which sometimes offers reward to users by listing different electronic device and portable media player like ipod. I have no chance to win that kind of item as I don't have enough credits to bid. I'll just wait when my sister get tired with her ipod and will decide to buy a new so I could ask her ipod for free or maybe offer to buy for cheaper prize.


Shahz said...

ting, nag wait pud ko na sumhan na si jijie sa iya ipod ky ako pud pangayoon.. hehehehe.. si wiwing pud.. pag ka looy.. 3 ta nag atong..kinsa khay tagaan ni princess kung sumhan na xa...hmmmm??? peac out!!!

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