Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cell Phone Evolution

Do you still remember the first unit of mobile phone came out? I'm pretty sure no one using this kind of cell phone now. Cell phone have evolve from analog, dual feature to tri-bond and now here comes the soft touch, blackberry and the iPhone.

Perhaps some of you still have their first Nokia cell phone and Razor cell phone in their possession. It seems like every year there is new kind of cell phone popping out in the market. And then, whatever latest cell phone out in the market people would go crazy to buy it with accessories like charge pod and cell phone battery that never run out of energy. Well, I wish they will invent a cell phone battery that last a lifetime without recharging it. My cell phone is an old kind of Nokia unit and very small. That is why I am drooling right looking at this iPhone image and wish to have one of this.



Dhemz said...

agoy tawo...ehehhee...ang evolution sa cp...ehehehe...ako d nako mahilig sa cp man...unlike sa pinas updated pata kung unsa bag-o nga unit...dire na alay paki...ehehehe!

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