Saturday, August 28, 2010

Potty Training #2 - 8/27

I was so determined to potty train Jake since he showed interest already in sitting on the potty. So, yesterday we spent most of our time going back and forth to the bathroom. I let him sit in the potty for half and hour hoping he will poop. But to no avail he wasn't pooping at all as he control himself not to poop. He didn't poop the whole day yesterday even if i let him sit in the potty for four times. This morning I take him right away to the bathroom as I know he would poop because he didn't poop yesterday. He sat in the potty for another 30 minutes until he got tired and asked for diaper. I wasn't succeeded again with my potty training mission hehehehe. It disappoints me because after lunch today I forgot to take him to the bathroom and he pooped in his diaper. He told me after he already did it. Oh boy! why is it so hard to potty train a toddler. I will still try my hardest to keep him in schedule and learn the proper way.


chubskulit said...

Wahhh, give him time bading.. It takes time talaga pag lalaki..

Kayce said...

haguy na pareho jud ta sis ai... kani pud akong gamay arte man kaayo di sya ganahan malibang sa potty.. di pud gusto sa c.r. kay dirty daw naay germs.. waaaaaaaaaaah!

Dhemz said...

agoy good luck bayot...lisod lagi daw ni i potty train ang sure he will soon...just take your time...bahala malimtan ug kalibang basta d lang malimtan ang opps...ehehee! joke....:)

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