Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monitoring my safety

Guest post written by Veronica Evans

As a parent, I always took a hands-off approach to parenting and treated me kids with the respect of adults – that was until they got really out of line and then I came down on them even harder as a result. However, I think they’re paying me back for it now.

Since retiring, I’ve had a few complications with my diabetes, but am still very mobile. My kids, who live in separate states, have gone overboard (in my opinion) in making sure that I’m OK at home. There are home alarm systems and safety rails, which I really appreciate, and then there’s the constant badgering about other health concerns that are nonexistent to me.

But for all their badgering, they really do mean well and most of the time I give in and do medical tests that I know are unnecessary. One test that I thought was the same as the rest was a hearing test, but then I found out that I did have a need for hearing amplifiers and let my son talk me into getting some.

I noticed that it was easier for me to have conversations with people and am appreciative for my kids’ concern even though it’s a bother most of the time.



Dhemz said...

gabaha jud ang GP...ehhehee...:)

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