Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet Pix, Milestones, the Creek and Birthday Dinner

I just want to share this sweet pix of my lil dragons. They watched their cartoons as soon as they got up from bed.
And for the first time Jake followed his Dada's order to hug sissy and pose for him. Actually, he was already hugging Justine but as soon as Joe grabbed the camera he stopped.
Yesterday, it was very hot and humid but we went for a bicycle ride anyway. We only ride for 2 miles then went to the creek to have this two duckies cooling off in that brown, cold water.
Then, we headed off to treat Mary for dinner. We forgot to greet her on her birthday and we also forgot to visit her that day. So, after the bike ride we went to find a restaurant in Franklin but it was Sunday and we never expected that all restaurant in that small town/city were closed. We ended up eating out in an over priced restaurant by the airport in that place. It was also a perfect dinner because Jake turned 28 months old yesterday.(2 yrs& 4 mo.)
I already shared this video in my main blog, but i wanted to post it here too as part of Justine's Milestones. My lil lambchop turns 11-month-& 2 Week old today. She is more than a handful now. I was chatting to Anygen this afternoon when she hit the ESC in my keyboard. She likes pressing any keys in our keyboard, turn the TV off, turn the DVD off and climbing the chairs and lots lots more. At her very young age she already broke our curtain rod, our cable box and I think there is more coming like TV perhaps.

One study of thumb-sucking suggests that as many as 94 percent of infants drop the habit by their first birthday.

Here is what you will expect for your 11 month and week 2 Milestones from BabyCenter.

Chances are good that your baby's grown attached to a certain blanket or toy. Transitional objects may help your baby weather potentially stressful experiences -- such as a doctor's visit or an overnight trip -- more easily. You may want to buy a duplicate of that "lovey" (or cut the original in half, if it's something like a blanket), in case you need to replace a lost one or take it away to clean it.

Your baby probably enjoys looking at books and leafing through the pages, though turning those pages one by one doesn't always happen. Indulge in great picture books or stick with sturdy and inexpensive board books that can stand up to small fingers.

To add variety to your baby's reading time and to find out what appeals the most, try your local library or the kids' section at a family-friendly bookstore — or trade a few titles with friends.



chubskulit said...

Oh my, dami nyong adventures bading kaya pala absent ka sa blogland hehehe...Anyway, kaw ba nagreserve ng opps for me sa ss? Thanks bakla, mwah.. Pinagiisipan ko pa kumng gagawin ko kasi may video lol.

Jill said...

So cute!!

Jill said...

So cute!!

Jill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joops said...

How loving!

Clarissa said...

ang saya saya naman ng mga outing nyo!ang bilis ng maglakad with support ni lil Justine,sa susunod takbuhan na!kawaii!

AC said...

waah!!! ang saya, may creek??? parang naglalaro lang sa ilog... favorite ko yun nung bata ako, lagi ako napapagalitan pag naliligo ako sa ilog... haha!!! at least naeexperience nila yan dyan dba?

ang cute ni justine... tama, konti nalang takbuhan na kayo... hehe

Umma said...

super danda man sad sg mga kulits mo tsang.. hala, naa ka pambato para ikaw maging stage mom hahaha..

from: Bon Vivant

Gi-add nako itong site na to ha? hihi

Mel Alarilla said...

It's nice to see Jake hugging Justine. At least hindi sila nagaaway. Mabuti naman at nakapag bike kayo at nakapag cool off pa sa creek. Mukhang masarap yung kinain ninyo sa reataurant. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

chubskulit said...

kelan pala kayo pupunta sa new york bading?

Dhemz said...

awwwwwww...ka sweet aning duha...my gosh...makaibog man sad woi....:) we've been longing to have another baby..saon wala paman ni abot ang grasya ni Lord...lol!

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