Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Big City

Thanks to guest blogger Kimberly Keistle for the post.

Moving from the small town of Lafayette to the big city of Nashville was such a change! We didn't even have stop lights in the town I was coming from! But, it was time to get out of the country and see what the city life could offer me. So the preparations for my big move were underway.

There were so many things to do, it was so overwhelming! Finding a moving company was the easiest part of it all. I found a really great company that was insured, and would also box all of my larger things! That took so much work out of it for me.

Among the other things I had to do before my move was transferring my cable service. There was a transfer fee for that. I also had to have gas hooked up as well as electricity. Both of those came with deposits. Talk about making for an expensive move!

I also decided that, since this is such a big city I should have some type of alarm devices in my new home, so I signed up for home security service with a well known company. I can say that, I am happy in my new home. Most of all, I am glad the move is over!



Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, all homes must have adequate alarm systems against any break ins. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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