Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plan the perfect 1st birthday bash

I sign up for newletter at Similac Strong Moms online. I read in one of my online mommy friends before that they give free similac so i signed up but i didn't get a similac folks or cash or check like she did waaa. Anyway, every week i received emails from them of what to expect for your baby every month, some great articles about health and stuff. And this time they sent some tips in planning a 1st birthday. Justine will be turning ONE year old this coming August 3rd. It seem like it was yesterday when I was still preggers with my little lamb chop. Now she will be 1 year old. I didn't plan for a big birthday bash due to money constraint and besides J&j don't have friends in this neighborhood yet that we could invite if ever we throw a birthday bash. We planned on celebrating it some friends on the weekend before her birthday and clebrate it again with family. Not a birthday party it's just some simple dinner or lunch perhaps.

To those who plan to give their lil princess or lil buckaroo a big birthday bash, Here are a few tips to keep in mind: from Similac Strong Moms

* Keep the party in one childproofed room.
* Don't serve snacks such as peanuts or popcorn, even if they're just for the adults, because pieces can fall on the floor where babies can get hold of them.
* Don't forget the baby wipes and bibs for baby cleanup.
* Serve vanilla cake instead of chocolate — less mess!
* Set a time limit — the party should go on for about an hour or so.

Now that your baby's a year old, she's going to move on to even more exciting foods (such as birthday cake!). And as your baby grows, so will her need for the right nutrition. That's why Similac Go & Grow® is a great complement to table food for growing babies and toddlers from 9 to 24 months.

Congratulations on all of the things you and your baby have accomplished in the first year. Goodluck to many more exciting years to come!


Clarissa said...

Malapit na pala ang 1st birthday ni Justine--ang bilis ng panahon noh?^_^

Joops said...

Ang ganda ganda na talaga ni Justine hehe.. Hey bading, imbitahin kaya nain si Mel para ma eyeball na natin syan hehehe, malapit din lang sila satin eh

cpsanti said...

great tips! i'm still a long way off to planning my son's 1st birthday, but as you said, time does fly fast ;-)

chubskulit said...

hello badingsky, kadarating lang namin from Strip Distric hehehe, danan sana namin kayo kaya lang kitakits naman tayo bukas hehehe..

Dhemz said...

happy birthday in advance little blonde....:)

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