Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Blog Award

Thank you Mommy Kimmy for the Sweet Blog Award. We are dragon, Dinosaurs, rugrats, tornado or however my crazy, and adik Mommy call us but one thing we both certain we are sweet baby and adorable too. Just like you, we deserved this award hehe(mahangin sa labas) j/k. Oh before we bore you mommies read the rules first. Too bad we are also selfish because we are keeping it instead of passing it to 10 sweet people. If anyone thinks that they are sweet well, feel free to grab sweetness. Spreading it to all is better than just sharing it to 10. Grab grab grab!

Here are the sweet rules:

1. Pass it to 10 Sweet people.
2. Inform them about this award.
3. Link back the one who gave this award.


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