Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can't Quit

I have mentioned in few of my post in my other blog that my husband can't quit smoking. He is only good for planning and talking about quitting but not trying to quit though. His New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking so he threw away his entire cigarette on New Year’s Eve. But the next day, he went to the store and bought a new pack of cigarette because he can't live with out it. That was really so lame and annoying. If you want to quit, I'm sure you can if you really want to. I hate the smell of the cigarette smoke and I told him to try the e cigarette. In that way the kids and I won't have to inhale the cigarette smoke when we are inside the car. He said he'll check it out. The problem with my husband, he just can't quit.


rjs mama said...

introduce farmville and twitter to your hubby mommy shy, wala na sya magiging time sa pag-smoke :D

Cecile said...

hmmm, he didn't even try for a day :-); pag ampo nato, Tsang...akong amahan sige sad mag smoke....dili mapugnan :-(..so sagdi na lang.

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