Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NBA Finals Championship

In this basketball season my husband attention is all glued to the TV. He likes watching different sports such as football, baseball and basketball. When the NBA finals started I get startled a lot from his scream and harsh reaction every time his team is behind. He was sad during those two consecutive games when the Lakers lose against the Celtics. Now he can't stop talking about the NBA finals championship which will be play tomorrow. He had so much confidence that his team will win and crown as champion. Sometimes I find it so funny how serious he is while watching his game. He doesn't want to talk and he turns the volume up so he can hear the sportscaster updates and announcement. He gets upset when my kids playing in front of the TV and change the channel in the cable box while he was watching his game. Our cable box is place right on the floor under the TV stand. Another thing is our cable sometimes goes off because of poor connection. It buffers and sometimes we can't view some of the channels that we like to watch. We are thinking of switching to different provider and try the Dish specials. I have heard they have clear reception and you can watch your favorite shows. It's not a bad idea plus we can save with the cable specials that they offer. Their specials as part for the promotion are great savings I suppose. You can watch your favorite sports, movies, HD without getting bothered by the bad connection. The best thing is I will get the chance to watch my favorite shows in the Philippine channels.


Jesson And Rey Ann said...

i love this game too, basketball

Mel Alarilla said...

Like your husband I am a certified die hard Lakers fan and I also watch all the games in this championship series. Since the score is tied at 3 games apiece, the deciding seventh game will be a real humdinger. Tell your husband that I will pray for a Lakers victory in the deciding winner take all game seven. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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