Friday, May 7, 2010

Always Tired

As we are getting older our bodies also start deteriorating, and the activities that we used to do when we were young start to become harder. I easily get tired lately and so is my husband. Every time I ask him to take us our or drive us to the mall he complains right away because he is tired. One time I was surfing online and found an article about natural testosterone that would help stimulate muscle growth. It's not like we need it or hubby needs it but it is good to know about this changes of men’s body and its symptoms. It is very interesting though to read and learn new things everyday. My husband is always complaining that he is tired and sometimes I think it's just an alibi for his laziness. And beside he is getting older also that is why he is not doing any exercise and push ups this past couple of years. I wish there is also supplements for anti-stress because lots of people needs that I guess.


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