Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 Months Old Milestones

My little lamb chop just turned 9 months couple of days ago. Two of her little teethsis are now coming out. She's been eating veggies instead of pureed baby food. She started using kuya Jake's walker if the guardiya sibil is not looking. She is growing like a weed and getting heavier each day. There are lots of things we need to work on with her though like moving her to the room and sleep in her crib permanently. She is still co sleeping with us at night and that I think the reason why Jake move to our room at the middle of the night because he was jealous of Justine sleeping with us. The stranger anxiety is normal at her age right now but still we need to work on that too and give her more exposure. She is just to attach to me and cling on me all the time. I also tried to discourage her thumbsucking habit but this little girl is too stubborn just like ehem! hehe.... Well, I always feel lucky and blessed with my lil girl and she always brings joy and happiness to our life. Both of them are and they completed me. Three months to go and she will be celebrating her first birthday.

From Source: BabyCenter
Hello, Shy!
Your baby may be the most sociable young creature around — until somebody unfamiliar comes near. Many babies this age have begun to show signs of fear or shyness around strangers. Some even start withdrawing from familiar relatives and friends, and want to be close to no one but you. This phase can be so brief you barely notice it, or it may last for months, depending on your child's temperament.


Baby fat, which helps maintain body temperature, reaches a peak around 9 months of age. It typically disappears during a baby's second year.



Mommy Rubz said...

Congrats Marz! Justine is now big! She is so beautiful mana sa akin. Bwahahaha.... Muah!!

LODS said...

shy guapa kaayo si justine I swear!!!!! She will get over her anxiety but it will help if she is around a lot of people.daku naman kaayo siya tanawon shy uy mura naman ug daku ug buot,heheheh

Kayce said...

She is such a pretty little angel sis! ;-)

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

ganda ng model natin ah, kahit naglalaway, :D

Dhemz said...

my gosh...9 months na? hala ka no..dalia ra sa panahon...remember pa nako sa una nga buros paka sa iya...ehehehe!

sos pagka cute sa nganga...ay smile diay...ehehhehe...pakita man nya iyang 2 little teeth...ehehehhe!

kisses ko sa blonde...papaak sa lamb chop b...ehehhehe!

Mel Alarilla said...

Justine is such a sweet baby you would think she's an angel that came down from heaven, lol. Gigil na gigil ako sa baby mo sa ka cutan, grrrrr. Rosy pa ang cheeks. Naku kung malapit lang sa amin ang bahay ninyo ay susugurin ko yan para mayakap at ma kiss ang cute na cute na pisngi, hehehe, lol. You are so blessed to have a baby like her. She completes whatever emptiness you may have inside. Thanks for featuring your darling baby again. God bless you all always.

Cecile said...

ka gwapa naman ng imong pricess, shy :-); tan awa iyang nice....ka mestiza jud niya uy :-).

wow, hapit na diay siya mag 1 year old, wow, bilis ng panahon ah, parang kailan lang eh baby pa siya...hay.

Anne said...

Buaw ang bata nga himuong track2x ni Jake daku na...heheh... sunod bus na ang imbentuhon ni Jake kay Justine!

Congrats Justine!

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