Thursday, January 7, 2010

Structural Bolts and other tools

If you are looking for structural bolts and other high strength fasteners in your entire construction project get it at BACO Enterprises Inc. Structural Bolts is one of the important tool needed in building bridges, tunnel, highway, building, power water treatments and marine construction. It is designed to provide strength in high demand settings, retain integrity and longevity in a range of load bearing applications. Baco Enterprises Inc. is a place where many industry’s largest engineers and builders get all their high strength fasteners as they are one of the leading distributors and manufacturer of hex head bolts, A-325 and A-490 structural bolts in the Northeast. Their main offices is located in the Bronx, NY and cover the New York Metro Area, lower NY state, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Your order will get right in front of your door the next day.

BACO Enterprises, Inc. has all the high strenght fastener solutions to all your constructions needs whether it is custom or off-the-shelf. They have the complete selection of structural bolts, screws, nuts and washers. It is also available at Baco other tools, wire rigging and fabrication services. They inventory most every size imaginable and have the capability to manufacture special size and lengths with a speedy delivery that covers all the area mention above. You may call Baco Enterprises Toll Free: 1-800-622-2226 for more details and inquiries.


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