Thursday, January 7, 2010

Record every Precious Memories

The reason I created this Milestones blog is to document my babies’ developmental milestones, their activity as they grow up because life is full of adventure. I want them to read this one day and look back every wonderful memory from babyhood, childhood and even adulthood if possible. I want to record in this blog all the funny pictures, monthly developments and more.

However, if you would like to record all your special memories with your kids, wishes and will for your family, friends and people who are part of your life you can create an account at MyHeartwill. It is website of your Heartwill that provides a secure platform to store your most cherished memories and hopes, through photos, recordings, letters, and copies of memorabilia and your individual thoughts and messages. Creating a Heartwill removes this uncertainty. This can be your time capsule where you can store letters, stories, treasured photographs, recordings, loved one's valuable legacy and copies of memorabilia.

MyHeartwill gives you the tools to create a lasting sense of your life for the ones you love. You can store your precious memories safely and secure at MyHeartwill. It is a way for you to leave a lasting legacy while you are still living on. The guardian you nominate who protect your wishes can jointly administer your Heart will account with you while you are alive and responsible for putting your valuable legacy into the right hands when you passed away. You can share and invite your family or friends at Myspace to have visitor access to your Heart will. And also you can receive a free copy of the book Living On if you request it. Check out now and find out all the important details and information that you need to know. Create your own heart will account and store all your precious memories.


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