Friday, January 8, 2010

Chilling Out

Yesterday, Justine started rolling over many times. She tried to roll over when she was four months but it was one time only. Well, thanks to kuya Jake who rolled her like a bean bag or sack of rice, I think that helped her to be flexible.
baby justine
This morning, Jake pulled all the foam out in the couch, it his new found trashy thing to do. Just chilling out while watching his favorite cartoons.
Jake Chilling out
Have a fun weekend everyone, snowing or not enjoy!


klivengood said...

haguy nag kamang-kamang ang palangging...ka cute tawon....maayo kay carpet man iya salog Tsang, di pareha diri pinas nga manga bukol man ang bata ug magkamang-kamang kay salog man or tiles hahaha

teJan said...

hahhahaha...pastilan jud ning mga anak ni! they are so cute..mmmwaaah! and golly!

Mel Alarilla said...

Nakakatuwa na nga si Justine na natututo nang mag roll over. At si Jake naman ay naka diskubre kung paano siya magiging warm and cozy. Magaling talaga at maabilidad ang mga bata. Very creative sila at patient, hindi katulad nang mga oldies na bugnutin at impatient, lol. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

Juliet said...

hi she, dako na buyag si justine nimo. pila na cya ka months karon?

Bonnie Bonsai said... cutie! I adore children so much!

I'm going to have a little stork coming from the cave of my daughter. So I will have an angelic playmate to pamper soon!

Keep up the good work Mother! Enjoy while them while you can!

Princess Sarah said...

Cute naman ng baby mo sis, kids are growing fast, blessings to you.
Sorry if I could not visit always, kasi hubby ask me not to stay in front of the computer always to protect our coming baby. Pls bear with me, I will try to visit once in a while, hehe!
A blessed Monday.

melandria said...

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Thank you very much. Hope to see you around.

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