Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's been three months since I gave birth to Justine. I can't imagine how time flies and grown so quick. She is doing great in her milestones. Makes lots of noise everyday and becoming more aware of her surroundings. She is been thumb sucking since she discovered that she has 10 fingers and each one of them taste good. It's funny sometimes when hubby and I hold her, she would just seat in your lap with her hand scratching our arm that are wrapped around her. She also sometimes touches my face when I nurse her and pull my hair or grab everything that touches her hand. She also bang her head to mine which made me curious if that activity is normal for baby's development. I did not experience it when Jake was her age. If your 3-month old baby does like to bang on things and you wonder why, here is the answers I read online which explained by expert.
Q: Why does my baby like to bang on things?

A: Now that your baby can bring both hands together, banging is the next logical step. In fact, experts consider it "developmentally appropriate," a time to unlock the relationship between cause and effect. "At this age, your baby is exploring the world and making discoveries," says Oded Herbsman, medical director of pediatrics at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. "And one of those discoveries is that if you hit one thing against another, you get a satisfying noise. You'll see a smile on your baby's face: He's happy because he's made something happen." You may notice that once your baby discovers a game — such as clanging pot lids together — he's happy to do it over and over. That's because babies this age like predictability. They find it reassuring to repeat an action and see that it brings the same result. If your ears need a rest, try introducing your baby to the old-fashioned game of patty-cake.


Seiko said...

Ang bilis no?3 mos. na pala si Justine.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha..makamuot ko sa imong justine tsang...korek...iya ra na realize nga lami day tong usa ka finger...hala thumbsuck blonde...ehehhe...ayaw anara tsang...kay maparehas dayon ni goryo atong bata pa backteeth....ehheheh!

Jac said...

Correct. Time flies and ang bilis biruin mo 3 months na ang nakaka lipas...Laki na ni baby Justine :)

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, nasa process pa nang discovery ang baby mo. Iba iba naman ang development ng bawat baby. Ang importante ay gumagana ang basic functions nila tulad ng 5 senses nila. Maganda nga yung na research mo sa internet. Yan ang maganda sa online research, madali mong makukuha ang impormasyong gusto mo. Thanks for the post., God bless you all always.

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