Thursday, November 19, 2009

Custom Photo Visa Gift Card

Every year we received gifts from our family but never got the chance to return the favor as we didn't have extra money to buy for any gifts. This year since things are getting better with us financially, we are planning of sending them gifts. We have been thinking of what kind of gift we will give to my husband's mom and sisters. Maybe a visa gift card would be a perfect gift to give on Christmas. A visa gift card would be a very convenient and unique gift to give to your family and friends and you can choose the amount you would want in your card. Plus you can customize it with great design that fits to different occasions and you can only get this visa card at GiftCardLab. was featured in the Oprah Magazine as the first "Design-Your-Own" Custom Photo Visa Gift Card, in the O Magazine Holiday Gift Guide and it is an Oprah Top Pick for the holidays. is a unique product and website because it is a completely customizable Visa Gift Card. Their cards are only $5.95 and are delivered in 5 to 10 business days. Visit the site for more information and if you use the promo code "pumpkin" you will receive a $2/card discount. This offer expires 11/25. Check it out now and create the perfect gift card to give for Christmas.


Lulu said...

kuyaw mami shy kay financially better na... ako dili pa huhuhu

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