Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful and Blessed

Friends are relatives you make for yourself. ~Eustache Deschamps

Plenty of reason to be thankful everyday; the air we breath, the place we live, the food we eat, good health, problems we have and more. But above all I am thankful for my family and friends. I thank God for every single blessing we get everyday. When I came here in the US of A I find it hard to let go of my life back home and embrace my new life. I missed my family and friends plus I don't have friends around in this area. I was nostalgic for more than a year until I learned about blogging.....Then I met new friends online who have been so nice to me and my babies Jake and Justine. A million, gazillion THANKSsss to the;

Kind, Nice, Considerate, Hardworking, Good-natured Cecile

The KENYONS Family

Generous, Giving, Creative, Down to earth, God fearing, Selfless Genny


Smart, Creative, Loyal, Cheerful, Friendly, Pleasant, Sweet tsang Dhemz

DIAS Family

Honest, Vibrant, Witty, Capable, Thoughtful, Enthusiastic Lulu

POST Family


Cool, Loving, Excitable, Faithful, Adventurous, Easy-going Cacai


"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same".

These are the people who are so sweet and kind to us. I am so blessed to be one your friend ladies. Even if we haven't meet yet in person, you already left footprints on our hearts and I treasured the friendship.


Cecile said...

Tsang, I feel the same to you; I never thought would meet such a friend like you online :-); nah kahilakon jud ko aning post nimo uy.

you and our other friends like dhemz, Ams, Rose are indeed a blessings in my life, and make my life easier to live away from home, pihilippines.

thanks for being you, muahhh...kisses to jake and justine :-)!

life's journey said...

Aguy kahilak man sab ta ani nitulo na gyd ako luha grabe na ni nga description di masaysay ang akong isulti hahahha bitaw grabe ka oy thanks kaayo the layout, looks everything sa blog...nindota ni dhemz himo ug layout no?

Dhemz said...

waaaaaaaa....I honestly feel touched by your sweet gestures tsang.....huhuhuhu....makahilak man sad ta aning imong post in....tulo jud akong luha.....I feel the same way guys are one of the blessings who came into my life since I moved here in the here is not what you have said...NOSTALGIC.....I am glad that through blogging I have met such wonderful and thoughtful people that I thought it never exist online...but I was totally did exist....:)

my gosh....too much man kaau ning description nako tsang.....makagtulon tulon man sad ta ani....mauwaw jud ko as in....tawon...eliminate lang ng smart...hehehhe...:)

anyhow, thanks a lot tsang....this is very emotional post for me..and I mean it...luv yah...mwah!

Cacai M. said...

Nakz very sweet jud ka Karya pod mao nga daghan pod ka og blessing.. after all we are children of God and having a friendship with you is such a blessing too. Medyo nka-feel ko sa imong presence Karya.. you're such a cool and thoughtful, hardworking as well as smart, loving, caring, and very nice person. Teacher jud diay ka Karya ky maayo mn ka mo-describe.. as in mora mi ani og nka-ribbon.. heheh.. lab yah Karya.. regards to the J&J. muahh!

Lulu said...

mura serious man ilang mga comment... palahi ko be...

kuyaw man ka kaayo ug mga adjective oi... hapit man pod ko mutuo aning mga adjectives ug mga pang-abay, pandiwa, pang-angkop, panghalip, ug uban pang mga bahagi ng pananalita...

Mami shy gusto unta ko mabelong sa creative... saon wala man na sa ahong category oi... magchange ko cat inig 30 days wahahhahaah

serious na ni... thanks that was very thoughtful!


Seiko said...

Me too Shy.I never thought i could meet such a loving person like you.And i agree w/ you Shy,so much things to give thanks & praise God of knowing you online.I love this post.
God Bless

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